Renee Ahdieh has written an adventurous and  romantic but not mushy retelling of A Thousand and One Nights in her new YA fantasy The Wrath and the Dawn.  Sixteen year old Shahrzad agrees to marry the murderous boy king who marries and then kills his wife the next day as dawn arrives.  In order to survive Shahrzad begins to tell the boy king a tale.  She spins the tale so that as the sun rises above the horizon she is at a pivotal point in the story and refuses to tell the ending until that night.

Each day Shahrzad learns more about her husband the king and each day becomes less sure of her plan to kill him.  Enter wizards, spells, old carpets and attempts on her life just to make things exciting.

The Wrath and the Dawn is a fast paced page turner that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Keep you eye on the carpet I’m sure it will play a big role in the sequel The Rose and the Dagger.  This set of books would make an excellent Christmas gift for the reader in your family that is 14 or older.

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The children cast their votes at the Downingtown Library for their favorite story book character for president.  The two candidates were Olivia and Arthur.  It was a close race.  The total number of voters was 96.  The winner was Arthur with 53 votes.  Olivia had 43 votes cast in her favor.  A good time was had by all.


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bg-mdHere is a great way to help children count down to Christmas or Hanukkah.  Collect 24 children’s books.  I suggest going to your local library and checking them out.  Wrap them in festive or plain brown paper and put a number on each one…1, 2, 3…24. Each day take the  appropriately numbered  book off of the stack and read it.  Start out with books about winter or snow and slowly get into the more intense holiday books.  Children have the delight of opening a gift and hearing a story.

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The voting booth is now open at the Downingtown Library.  There are two candidates running for president.  Olivia  promises MORE PINK if she is elected.  Arthur if elected says there will be NO BROCCOLI AND MORE CANDY.  The candidates have posted their platforms on the voting booth.  Read each candidates platform and be an informed voter!

Election results will be posted on Thursday November 10th.


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What rhymes with hockey?

The Magic Hockey Stick   is a delightful tale of Wayne Gretzky’s hockey stick written in rhyming verse.  Based on a true story The Magic Hockey Stick explains how the stick was won at an auction by a slip of the hand.  The stick makes a girl the star player on her slumping  hockey team.  Find out what happens when Wayne goes into a slump.

Peter Malone and Felicia Zekauskas tell a delightful story with humorous rhymes about hockey and sportsmanship.  The reading level is third grade but interest level for first through third grade.

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Serum Which Initiates Total Cellular Hijack gets twins Danny and Josh turned into bugs.  Their mad scientist neighbor, Petty Potts, gets them to help with her crazy top-secret experiments.  In this six book series she turns them into spiders, blue-bottle flies, grasshoppers, ants, crane flies and beetles.  Spring is in the air and insects will be returning so what better series to start than S.W.I.T.C.H and enjoy the adventures of the nutty scientist Petty Potts and her neighbors, twins Josh and Danny.  Start at the beginning with Spider Stampede by Ali Sparkes.

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Meet Sam an arachnologist, a spider scientist.  His specialty, the biggest, hairiest, and scariest spiders on earth…tarantulas.  The Tarantula Scientist by Sy Montgomery is part of the Scientist in the Field series.  It has amazing color photos of tarantulas and other arachnids.  The photos depict the spiders in their habitats around the world, their burrows and webs.  You will also see photos of the scientist gathering data. Easy to read prose will inspire young scientists to consider a career in arachnology.

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